Employment agency registered with the KRAZ (National Register of Employment Agencies) under No. 12180

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SMART HUNTER is a team of talent hunters experienced in staff recruitment who create successful connections between candidates and employers every day, supporting both parties in finding each other.
For several years, we have been helping our clients in search of hard-to-find employees not actively looking for work and who do not respond to advertisements.
We have built a wide network of contacts due to the passion with which we recruit the best candidates for our clients; we have met many candidates personally, and we reach out to those we do not know using headhunting and networking.
Trust and satisfaction of both Candidates and Clients is of the utmost importance to us, so in addition to substantive knowledge and experience, we are characterized by an individual approach to everyone with whom we work, and this makes us accurately and effectively combine the needs and expectations of both parties.




The Human Resources industry is an extremely demanding industry and this fascinates us, so our goal is continuous professional and personal development enabling us to build the SMART HUNTER brand so that it is associated with professionalism, high quality, honesty, openness and partnership. Therefore, when undertaking recruitment projects commissioned to us, we strive to make the most effective connections between Employers and Employees, giving them 100% commitment, knowledge and experience.



We are fortunate that our work is simultaneously our passion, as the precise response to and the matching of the Candidates and Employers needs gives us an extremely high level of satisfaction. We are convinced that a professionally conducted recruitment process not only builds and supports the Employer’s brand, but also contributes to the personal development of the Candidates participating in it. Therefore, our mission is to support the development of both Parties while responding to their needs.

Motto And Values


Our motto is Professionalism in action.

We believe that it is the basis for building lasting partnerships. Reputation and trust is one of the most important values for our company. In our activities, we also strive to ensure that SMART HUNTER meets highest standards in the confidentiality of the data obtained from our clients, which we use only for the purposes of the service while protecting them from any use by third parties.

Thanks to the fact that we constantly work on improving the standards of conducted recruitment, thus striving to ensure that both Parties of the recruitment process facing market challenges, i.e. Companies and Candidates seeking ambitious challenges – are as satisfied with the result as humanly possible.





Knowledge of the labor market, especially in Wielkopolska, Lubuskie and Lower Silesia regions
A rich database of candidates with whom we build long-term relationships
Expert knowledge through which we know how to find the right candidates whose skills and qualifications contribute to the success of the organization
Determination to act through effective direct talent searches
Customized solutions tailored to the specifics of the recruitment process being conducted